Visit world-famous sights and explore the hidden corners

Discover the destinations of your dreams, taste the local culinary delights, and become an expert of Europe. Walk in the footsteps of Count Dracula and visit big palaces and mighty fortresses. Get some vertigo-inducing mountaintop views or try to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family. Feel the love where Romeo and Juliet fell in love or keep your eyes open for the Pope. Visit Santa’s Land and stand on the northernmost point of the whole Europe. Cruise around beautiful fjords and waterfalls or experience world-class restaurants, pub crawls and impromptu music sessions.

Faniani Group offers personalized comprehensive all-inclusive excursions, tours and day trips anywhere in Europe.

Write to us for a personalized programme or consider one of our itineraries:

Fun in Central Europe
9 days :- Austria, Czech Republic & Hungary
Zurich to Ljubljana
Alps11 days :-Switzerland, Italy & Slovenia

From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea
8 days :- Italy, Slovenia & Croatia

Zagreb to Bucharest
11 days :-Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania
Zurich to Zagreb
12 days :- Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia & Croatia
Rome to Venice
9 days :Italy & Slovenia
Frankfurt to Zagreb
10 days :- Germany, Austria, Slovenia & Croatia
Three Countries, Three Capitals
7 days :- Hungary, Slovenia & Croatia
Fun & Adrenaline Escape
7 days :-Austria, Slovenia & Croatia